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1. Matt Schwartz, Sr., Land O'Lakes: 16:05.58 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 2. Ryan Pulsifer, Jr., Wiregrass Ranch: 16:16.34 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 3. Anthony Plourde, So., Pasco: 16:33.79 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 4. Mason Cilmonczyk, Sr., Ridgewood: 16:41.18 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 5. Delonzo Sharp, Sr., Wiregrass Ranch: 16:42.40 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 6. Mason MacKenzie, Sr., Central: 16:46.69 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 7. Tyler Camacho, Sr., Ridgewood: 16:48.96 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 8. Hendrix LaFontant, Sr., Land O'Lakes: 16:55.23 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 9. Zack Lonsway, Sr., Land O'Lakes: 17:03.41 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 10. Sam Hippley, So., Wiregrass Ranch: 17:08.56 (Zak Lukas Invitational)


1. Ariel Grey, Jr., Wiregrass Ranch: 19:15.24 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 2. Nikita Shah, Fr., Wiregrass Ranch: 19:25.86 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 3. Renea Porsch, Sr., Land O'Lakes: 19:30.72 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 4. Kelli Williams, Jr., Mitchell: 19:48 (Mitchell Invitational) 5. Morgan Keppel, Jr., Land O'Lakes: 20:29.05 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 6. Taylor Hixson, Jr., Wiregrass Ranch: 20:56.74 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 7. Jaclyn White, Sr., Springstead: 21:24.80 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 8.Mikayla Bogulski, Jr., Springstead: 21:27.19 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 9. Alex Diepholz, Fr., Wiregrass Ranch: 21:33.03 (Zak Lukas Invitational) 10. Erin Mauthner, So., Sunlake: 21:37.61 (Zak Lukas Invitational)

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Wynn watch

According to Hudson football coaches, quarterback Zack Wynn has 815 passing yards after three games. That gives him 5,515 for his career.

Pasco County's record for career yards is 7,657, set by former Land O'Lakes star Drew Weatherford, who later played at Florida State.

Wynn has a shot to move to the top. But it won't be easy.

At his current pace (271 yards per game), he would come up just short at regular season's end. But if Hudson can make the playoffs, that certainly would help Wynn's chances.

"We'd love to see him get it," Hudson coach Mark Nash said. "Honestly, though, Zack has never mentioned it. The coaches mention it more than Zack."

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Set your DVR

Touted as the largest cross country meet in Florida, the Invitational 10 begins today in Titusville. The two-day event with 4,648 entries and 17 races will have representatives from roughly 300 teams across the state. Local teams include Nature Coast, Springstead, Wiregrass Ranch. The Bulls, ranked No. 1 in Class 3A according to, will get a chance to prove if they are worthy of the ranking. Bulls junior Ryan Pulsifer,right, leads them and is coming off a personal-record 16:16.34 at last weekend's Zak Lukas Invitational.

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