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Published Jul. 9, 2010

Soon after the 20-day student counts were complete, district leaders huddled to see if they needed to make adjustments to meet Florida's class-size reduction mandate. With teacher allocations tight and student enrollment a bit better than expected, some schools weren't even making a school average for class size. The recommended answer: Shift resources to get more teachers into those schools. The proposal goes to the School Board on Tuesday. But is it the right approach?

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Weekend interview

For several months, the Hernando School Board has battled over whether to remove its superintendent, faced a student lawsuit over admission into a popular high school and argued over whether to stop giving students grades of zero. John Sweeney takes up the board chairmanship at a volatile time.

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The idea: Stay focused

Hillsborough students last week were asked to navigate the cones in a succession of increasingly distracting situations. Among them: texting, eating, drinking, loud music and a car full of teenagers.

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What do you say?

President Barack Obama has called for shorter summer breaks and longer school days and years. Is this a good idea?

Yes 52% 101 votes

No 48% 92 votes

Vote at

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Zombies? UF has a plan

There's always something like swine flu, hurricanes and campus gunmen to worry about. But how many universities are ready for when the dead rise? The University of Florida is. The Gainesville Sun reported that UF workers got emergency training for zombie invasions last week as part of their disaster response preparation. It was the planner's attempt at levity.

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This week

School boards meet Tuesday: Pasco, 9:30 a.m. (workshops immediately afterward); Hillsborough, 3 p.m.; Hernando, workshop 2 p.m., meeting 7 p.m.

Compiled by Jeffrey S. Solochek, Ron Matus, Donna Winchester, Tony Marrero, Rick Danielson and Shannon Colavecchio