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Published Jul. 9, 2010


Interim school superintendent Sonya Jackson on Wednesday asked Marcia Austin, a veteran educator with more than a decade of experience as a school administrator, to serve as interim assistant superintendent, Austin said Thursday. Austin, 51, is currently the district's curriculum supervisor for math and science. She started in Hernando in 1990 as a math teacher at Central High School, served as an assistant principal at Parrott Middle School in Brooksville and then principal at J.D. Floyd Elementary in Spring Hill before taking her first central office job as math specialist two years ago. She took on her current role late last year. Austin, whose two grown daughters are products of the Hernando school system, said, "I'm looking forward to doing whatever it takes to help our organization move forward."

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Fire board backs chief's fraud inquiry

The Spring Hill Fire Rescue board said Wednesday that it was satisfied with Chief Mike Rampino's investigation of a former part-time employee's allegation of fraud by a fellow worker. Rampino said a complaint, sent via e-mail by retired fire hydrant maintenance worker Larry Kosloski, was "completely unfounded." Kosloski, who retired in July, alleged that former co-worker Martin Monohan had falsified time sheets and often left work early with permission from supervisors. Rampino said he reviewed the time sheets and spoke with Monohan's supervisor, but could find nothing to substantiate the charges. Board member Rob Giammarco's motion to have the matter investigated by law enforcement died for lack of a second.

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Tickets for Saturday's fundraiser for Gifts from Home are $16.50; $8 of that pays for the dinner, and all of the remainder goes to provide snacks, toys, toiletries and personal items for military personnel serving overseas. A story in Wednesday's Times did not make the division clear.