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A judge in Beverly Hills gave Lindsay Lohan an extra year of probation for her three-year sentence after the troubled gossip bait failed to attend alcohol education classes for her two DUI cases, People reports.

And might we just say, Lindsay is looking positively radiant these days.

"I ordered you into court today because I wanted to speak to you directly. I don't want to get any more notices again ... no warrants ... where you're thumbing your nose at the court," L.A. Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel told Lohan.

Attorney Shawn Chapman Holley explained that LiLo had merely failed to notify class instructors she would be back to complete the courses after she left the country for work.

Revel ordered Lindsay to get court approval before leaving town and threatened her with jail time if she didn't comply. "I'm rooting for you to successfully complete probation," Revel said.

We would have asked for proof that Lohan was, in fact, working.

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Network files suit against Jon Gosselin

Just when we thought we'd get a respite from Jon and Kate Gosselin, we have to keep writing about them because TLC has decided to sue Jon for breach of contract. The network says his attempts to stop filming on Jon & Kate Plus 8 represent a failure to comply with obligations, including his unauthorized public appearances and statements, RadarOnline reports. His contract runs through February 2010, and the network can choose to pick up his option, thereby preventing him from working, if they really want to stick it to him. Heck, they already plan on getting the cash from all his other work. Meanwhile, no one stops to think about whether anyone even wants that horrible show to come back. Maybe TLC didn't notice ratings have dropped 82 percent over the summer.

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After 90 days, Durst gives up on marriage

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has called it quits on his marriage already, filing for divorce a mere 90 days after hooking up with Esther Nazarov. The trial period must not have worked out for them. The New York Daily News says Durst filed in L.A. on Wednesday, and that they had separated just over a month after their Las Vegas wedding in July. What do you expect from a guy who announced their breakup on Twitter? "Thank you all SO much for your concern and extremely kind words," Durst wrote. "Sincerely. We remain very positive and wish only the best for each other."

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Cage blames manager for 'financial ruin'

Nicolas Cage has a big problem with his business manager, filing a lawsuit seeking at least $20 million for leading him "down a path toward financial ruin." No, we think remaking Wicker Man contributed to that. But he's got to pay off that $6.2 million in back taxes somehow. Cage says Samuel Levin has mismanaged his money so badly, he's had to sell off major assets and is in big trouble financially, despite earning something like $40 million last year, TMZ reports. "Levin placed Cage in numerous highly speculative and risky real estate investments, resulting in Cage suffering catastrophic losses" over the past seven years, the suit says. The suit also claims Levin overextended Cage's lines of credit and never told the actor how bad things were getting, allowing Cage to dig himself deeper into the hole. The cherry on top is that Nic says Levin overcharged him for services. Plus, he made him do Ghost Rider, for which we all should be suing.

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Kim gets $50,000 to celebrate birthday

On our birthday, all The Juice* hopes for is a steak dinner and some time away from the constant infostream on the mass media. But if you're Kim Kardashian, you get $50,000 for going to a party in Las Vegas. The New York Post says Kim, who turns 29 on Wednesday, will get 50 large for hanging out at Tao next Friday. On-again boyfriend Reggie Bush won't be there, however, because he's preparing for a game against the New York Giants. "Kim is worth the huge fee because she's so hot," a source tells the paper. "The pictures of her party will go everywhere."

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