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Spring Hill author Sam Lembo recently published his second book, Obama Are You Listening?

The book reads like a letter to the president, offering advice, predictions and suggestions. Each chapter focuses on a different topic that he wishes to discuss.

Lembo, 86, covers topics including stem cell research, Cuba, the missile defense system, the war in Afghanistan, and many others.

According to Lembo, he became involved in politics after meeting Richard Nixon in the 1960s. Lembo hopes the ideas he shares in the book help guide Obama in some small way.

A copy of the book was sent to Obama, and in return Lembo received a letter thanking him for sharing his views.

Lembo's first book, Boiling Mad, is a self-published book about his life, his military years, politics and the record industry. He joined the Army during World War II and served three years in military intelligence. After the service, Lembo wrote rock 'n' roll songs and later formed his own music company, all the while racing his prized pigeons.

Obama Are You Listening? is available at Barnes & Noble.

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