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Have you seen the latest publicity pic with Eva Longoria and her beau, NBA star Tony Parker? Their limbs are draped all over each other with little more than heavy coats and pocketbooks separating them. All this is in the name of London Fog.

Hold up?

Is this the same London Fog coat brand that my grandmother used to buy for me? The one that often looked like a coat a 60-year-old crossing guard (my grandmother's profession, as a matter of fact) would wear; yet I was only 12 and wanted nothing more than a Triple Fat Goose.

Sigh. Looking back, those coats did keep me warm even if they weren't the most stylish. In short London Fog was always way more about quality than style ... in other words a poor man's Burberry.

Yet, it seems that the style portion may be changing with the help of Longoria and Parker - the new spokescouple for the brand. I'm not a huge fan of these two. I mean, Eva is cute, but that Tony Parker always seemed like a French Frankenstein to me.

But the coats are cute.

Their campaign launches in December ... when the new fashionable line of London Fog will be available at Macy's.

- Deal Diva Nicole Hutcheson

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Get a free Dove deodorant at 10 Tampa spas: Need an "underarm upgrade"?That's what Dove is promoting through a cool offer that started Thursday at 10 spas in Tampa. (Sorry, there aren't any participating spas in other local cities.)

Here's the deal: Trade in any old stick of deodorant and get a free stick of Dove Ultimate Go Fresh anti-perspirant deodorant. You also get 10 percent off a spa or salon service costing up to $120.

When it comes to Dove soaps and deodorant, I'm a loyal customer. They smell good and keep skin soft. Even if you're not already a fan, this is still a decent offer.

You can try the product for free, and get a fresh new stick of BO juice to replace the one you've rubbed down to a stub.

The deal ends Dec. 22. For a list of participating spas, go to

- Deal Diva Colleen Jenkins

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What are your favorite Tampa Bay area indie shops?Last month you helped us track down Tampa Bay's 10 best dressed. Now we need your help again. The Deal Divas and tbt* are compiling a list of the area's coolest independently owned shops.

Think clothing, jewelry, art, home decor, pets, kids, green living and even groceries. What are your faves?

Go to the Divas online at and submit your suggestions.

- Deal Diva Dalia Colon