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Published Jul. 9, 2010

So much for sports fashion advice.

As expected, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden appeared at the World Series opener this week. The usually fashionable ladies both wore basic black pants and showed they were good sports by donning the standard-issue World Series red jackets. Totally acceptable, if uninspiring.

Michelle's shoes However. What in the name of Manolo Blahnik was the first lady wearing on her feet?!?

Mrs. Obama's kicks appear to be black sneakers with way-too-contrasting thick white soles. They make her pants bunch weirdly at the ankles. They look like they belong on the feet of a teenage boy at a skate park. And, egads, do I spy Velcro?

I think Mrs. Biden pulled off a sleeker look Wednesday night with safe but solid black boots.

Deal Diva Colleen Jenkins

* * *

Free gloss to anyone who measures up

Hallelujah! Free lip gloss!

All you have to do is let a Victoria's Secret clerk wrap her tape measure around your "girls" through Nov. 15, and you'll get a free Beauty Rush lip gloss.

I've raved before about Beauty Rush lip gloss. I have one in almost every shade and flavor - my current fave is "Toasty Almond."

They run about $7, so if you take advantage of this offer, you'll have enough money to cop a Chipotle burrito. And who knows? While you're there, maybe you'll want to buy a bra, too.

Deal Diva Stephanie Hayes

* * *

Overstock sells own under-$100 handbags

I'm not sure if this is a sign that the economy is getting worst or better ... but it looks like, the purveyor of all things designer and discounted, is getting into the handbag game.

The site recently launched the Presa handbag line. The idea was to create "stylish, fun leather handbags at affordable prices," according to the site

The bags are all priced under $100. I like the style of some of them. The leather looks expensive in that distressed kind of way.

But it's like they're saying, "Hey, the discounted bags we sell on our site by real designers aren't affordable enough, so we're getting into the game."

Deal Diva Nicole Hutcheson

* * *

Quote of the day

"Height makes you look thinner."

That's Kate Gosselin on her obsession with wearing high heels, even while filming at locations like farms and dog kennels.

What do you think, divas? I'm a heels devotee and sort of agree with Kate. My boyfriend says she's full of hooey. Do heels make you look thinner? Sound off

Deal Diva Stephanie Hayes