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It should be no surprise that LW James Wright, above, whom Lightning coach Rick Tocchet has praised for being very coachable, was not a problem child. "Low maintenance" is how his parents, Lynne and Lorne, described him. "Boring but good," Lynne said, laughing. "A great kid to raise." Wright's parents, who live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, were in Toronto on Tuesday to see their son play in the NHL for the first time. A general contractor, Lorne often is in Toronto on business. He said he manipulated his schedule so a meeting coincided with the Lightning's game with the Maple Leafs. "A good deal of pride," Lorne said when asked what it felt like to see James, 19, play for Tampa Bay, though, he said, "after a while, it peels away, and it's like you're watching your kid play like you always have." As for James being labeled boring and brother Garett, a year younger, more apt to get into trouble, James said, "That's a fair statement."

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Fight night

The first NHL fight forLukas Krajicek, below, was no Thrilla in Manila - in fact, the Tuesday bout with Toronto's Niklas Hagman was more a grappling session - but teammate Zenon Konopka said the defenseman did great. "I give him credit," said Konopka, who leads the NHL with six fights. "He threw some bones." As for nonfighters mixing it up, Konopka said, "Guys love that. It gets everybody going." Krajicek said he deserved to get jumped by Hagman after he dropped the Maple Leafs left wing with a cross check as they chased a puck deep in the Toronto zone. "It was a pretty dirty hit from me, so I kind of deserved a fight," Krajicek said. "He told me after I probably could have hurt him." Krajicek said he apologized after the game as the former Panthers teammates cleared the air. "I'm not the kind of guy who is going to try to fight," said Krajicek, who fought once in juniors and once in the minors. "But if it happens, you have to be able to defend yourself. For the first one, I think I did all right."

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Quote to note

"He got stronger. He spent a lot of time in the gym, and it paid dividends. He can't be slowed down with one arm or a stick check on his hip or anything like that."

- Ron Wilson, Maple Leafs coach, on Lightning C Steven Stamkos' offseason changes

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5 questions

D Victor Hedman

How's your new condo? We (he and girlfriend Sanna Grundberg) have a great view. You wake up every morning and look out over the water. The first day we moved in, there were five dolphins.

Do you mind cooking for yourself? That was one of the things I missed when I lived in the hotel.

How did you learn to cook? My girlfriend's father is a chef. He taught me a lot.

What's your best dish? I don't know what you call it in English. It's like tacos, but you put it in the oven and put cheese and salsa on it and everything.

You mean burritos? Yeah, they're great.