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Can someone please explain this logic? Recently, my husband and I stopped at an estate sale near Mariner Boulevard. Cars were parked on both sides of the road. We managed to find a spot, parked my van, and went in the house to look around.

We came back outside about 10 to 15 minutes later to find a flatbed truck crushed against the side of our van and the van was tipped over on two wheels. The side of the truck was embedded in the passenger side of my vehicle. It was obvious that the truck driver tried to drive down the crowded street and sideswiped my van. (He had ample room on the other side and should not have hit my car, but obviously used bad judgment in steering.)

I immediately called 911 and explained the situation. A few minutes later, a deputy called me to say that if he came out and a report was written, we would be cited, fined $149 and get three points on our license. He explained that, according to Hernando County ordinance, you cannot park, stand or stop on any road in the county. He said the truck driver was not at fault and would not be cited, as we "were in his way."

I said that there were no signs posted anywhere and his response was that the law is in the ordinance book, which he showed me. I asked how in the world we could possibly know this and he shrugged his shoulders.

I have told this story to many of my Spring Hill neighbors and friends, and not one of them knew that this ordinance existed.

The bottom line is we didn't file a report, the truck driver got off scot-free, and I now have a badly damaged van that I cannot afford to repair or replace. We're lucky that the doors still open and close, and the van is operable. This is the vehicle we've kept in perfect condition for 10 years and were planning to pass down to our son, who just turned 18.

So now let me see if I have this straight:

A person moves to Hernando County and automatically knows about this and other county ordinances. Are they magically implanted in his brain?

A driver can drive down any Hernando County road with his eyes closed and plow into anything on the road, and he will not be at fault because they are in his way.

I think whoever it is that comes up with these ordinances has been in the Florida sun too long. And Floridians wonder why people refer to this state as "Flori-duhhh."

Debbie Grech, Spring Hill

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Give idle workers another job to do

I was on my neighborhood walk Thursday morning. I passed by five county employees who had arrived in three nice-looking pickups. It appeared the job they were on was to dig a trench or hole to either replace or repair plastic pipe. I could see top of one worker's head in the hole. Occasionally a shovel of dirt would come out of the hole. The other four gentlemen were either standing or sitting around, looking down into the hole. When I came back by another gentlemen had arrived in another pickup. Perhaps he was a supervisor. Anyway, he was at least walking around the hole as the others continued to watch.

I came home and opened my Hernando Times to an article headlined "County weighs cuts, taxes." After reading it I found it hard to believe that our county commissioners want to raise our taxes and cutservices. Maybe a couple of those trench diggers that were standing around could be assigned duty in the doggie park or driving THE Bus.

Maybe a lesson we can all learn from our economic downturn is not to expand government services in the good times unless we can pay for them in hard times.

Gary Grimes, Brooksville