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Saying the United States is no longer "racing against an adversary," President Barack Obama called Monday for greater international cooperation in exploring space. He said in a statement that the U.S. seeks peaceful collaboration with countries that will ward off conflict and make it easier to expand exploration. The United States must do more to address debris and other hazards in space, he said, and called for a "burgeoning commercial space industry." Peter Marquez, White House director of space policy, said the administration is returning to a policy that existed before George W. Bush was president that would entertain the possibility of a treaty to limit space-based weapons. He didn't say the Obama administration would pursue such a treaty, but he wouldn't slam the door against the idea as the previous space policy had. Russia and China in the past have made vague proposals about limiting weapons in space, and the U.S. has always opposed it.


Two killed during Kashmir protest

Two people were killed after security forces fired on crowds of protesters in the Kashmir Valley, increasing tensions in the disputed Himalayan region, where violence is at its worst in two years. At least eight people have been killed in the last two weeks, the state police said, with security forces accused of six of the deaths. The violence was set off when a Kashmiri youth died after being struck by a tear gas canister during a demonstration against Indian rule that took place in Srinagar, the capital of the Indian-controlled part of Kashmir.


524 Guard soldiers headed to border

Federal officials told U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and Attorney General Terry Goddard that 524 of the 1,200 National Guard troops headed to the U.S.-Mexico border will be deployed in the state by August or September. Another 224 troops will head to California, 72 to New Mexico and 250 to Texas. A national liaison office will draw another 130.


Slayings prompt travel warning for Americans

The U.S. Embassy is advising travelers to exercise caution in Haiti after four U.S. citizens were killed in separate robberies near the airport. All those killed were visiting relatives in Haiti, embassy officials told the Associated Press. The attacks occurred over three months and in three different locations.


Jails will now check immigrant status

Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen signed a measure into law that would require the state's jailers to determine whether inmates are in the country illegally and report them if they are. He said after signing the bill that it would require a verification process similar to what some Tennessee cities are already doing on their own.


Ahmadinejad lays out rules to resume talks

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told reporters at a news conference that stalled nuclear talks could continue only if the United States, Russia, China and Western Europe included other countries in the discussions, clarified their stance on Israel's undeclared nuclear weapons arsenal, submitted to the rules of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and specified whether the talks would be friendly or hostile. He said that as punishment for new sanctions, Iran would not be prepared to resume talks until late summer. He also vowed that Iran would retaliate if there were any attempt to board its ships in search of nuclear components, as demanded by U.S. lawmakers in draft legislation wending its way through Congress.

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