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On campus or online, learn how to start, finance and manage a business.

Lots of people have ideas they think will make them a gazillion dollars or just free them from the daily grind of working for someone else.

Those are the folks who St. Petersburg College's newest program is targeting: would-be entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurship Certificate Program will start Aug. 23 on the Seminole campus. It will also be offered online. If it's successful, the college plans to expand it to its other campuses over the next year or so.

"We really think that this program is going to take off and that there is a market for it," said Nicolle Panuthos, director of entrepreneurship and academic chairwoman for business technologies at the college. "It's the wave of the future."

The program consists of four courses: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Management, Entrepreneurial Marketing & Sales, and Planning the Entrepreneurial Venture.

Each is eight weeks long, but eventually they will all be able to be taken together so the entire program can be completed in eight weeks.

Panuthos said the courses, each worth three credits, can be applied toward a degree or taken independently for the certificate.

The goal, either way, is to provide the student with tools to start, finance and manage a business.

Panuthos said she expects current SPC students in all areas of study to take advantage of the program. Even if a student is not seeking a degree in business, she said, he may want the knowledge to go out on his own in another field, such as dentistry or orthotics.

But the college sees the main market as kids in high school who are ambitious and have ideas, as well as folks who have been in the workforce and have long wanted to go out on their own or who have been laid off or have retired and want to start their own businesses.

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