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Congratulations to the Pasco County Board of Commissioners for setting the bar high when it comes to resolving contentious public policy issues. The board committed enormous time and energy to the sportsplex location issue. Their openness to public input and careful consideration of the many pros and cons surrounding this issue are commendable.

The process the board embraced, though long and, at times, difficult, is an example of representative government at its best.

Thank you for your service.

Robert F. Allen,Trinity

* * *

Remember why we have freedom

On this Fourth of July weekend, I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone why we have a Fourth of July.

It was the independence of our nation from the tyranny of King George III of England. It was the culmination of free, spirited and educated people who felt they had the right to govern their newfound country. And they were a good group of people.

That spirit still lives today. America is as strong now as it was in 1776. Yes, we have our problems, but so did they. And we will overcome, as they did. Our freedom comes from our men and women overseas who are keeping the American flag flying high.

During your barbecue, beach party or house party, please, think of those who are giving, or have given, to the rights we have. The men and women who are serving in other parts of the world to protect this country's freedom are to be commended for their service.

Please, on this Fourth of July, thank your military in some form or fashion. Fly your flag. Post a sign. Tell the world that we are America, and we won't back down to anybody.

Dave Peregoy, Holiday

* * *

Pasco GOP books are in the black

A lot of criticism has been thrown at the Republican Party of Pasco. The Pasco County Republican Executive Committee is the envy of most counties in Florida. As finance chairman, I was proud to see that as of our last report, we had about $149,000 on hand. This is a result of teamwork, Chairman Randy Maggard's leadership, my fundraising abilities and the many hardworking Republicans on the Pasco REC.

Our sportsman's dinner in March grossed $28,500. Our major fundraiser, where we were honored to have former Gov. Jeb Bush, Rep. Will Weatherford and other high-ranking elected officials from around the state, grossed about $86,735.

This is an army of volunteers who value the conservative principles of the Republican Party. We do not take any salaries.

Bill Bunting, Bayonet Point