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See the makeover magic Yard Crashers works in a Tampa back yard.

The big reveal comes Tuesday for Tampa residents Tom and Brooke Iarossi.

They, and their newly renovated back yard, will star on an episode of DIY Network's Yard Crashers.

The Iarossis were chosen from hundreds of applicants who ambushed the Yard Crashers at a Lowe's in Tampa in March. (Typically the host chooses an unsuspecting shopper for a yard makeover; this time the crew was caught off guard.)

"We had a huge turnout," host Ahmed Hassan said. "We had them come to me. I was like Simon, Paula and Randy all rolled into one."

Applicants came with photos and problems, hoping to leave the home improvement store with some supplies and an expert in tow.

Brooke Iarossi, a longtime fan of the show, had a good feeling about her chances. "I knew we had the perfect yard," she said. "We really were working with a blank slate - anything would have been better.

"I just had to convince them that we would get our hands dirty."

Unlike other shows where the production company takes care of the heavy lifting, homeowners selected for Yard Crashers are expected to enlist the help of friends and work alongside the professionals. "I really put them to work," Hassan said.

The Iarossis were hoping to create a Mediterranean feel in the yard with a place to cook and entertain and a spot where they could sit and enjoy a glass of wine. "We look at what they have and what they wanted to have," Hassan said. "They have to have a vision. It's not my yard; it's their yard."

Having a vision and knowing how to create it are very different things when it comes to exteriors, said Brooke, who, with her husband, has redone and updated the inside of their home. "It's good to have a professional. There's no way we could do this without their expertise.

"I never imagined my yard to look like this."

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Yard Crashers

The episode featuring Tampa couple Tom and Brooke Iarossi airs at 11 p.m. Tuesday as part of "Crash Week" on the DIY Network.

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