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By Mimi Honeycutt

Houston Chronicle

Would you eat 12 Bavarian cream doughnuts in one meal? Of course not, but slurp down a Dairy Queen Caramel MooLatte and you will have consumed the same 112 grams of sugar. The newest addition to Men's Health editor David Zinczenko's best-selling series shows that alcohol is only a small part of America's drinking problem. The book exposes the worst drinks in the country (Cold Stone's PB&C shake is public enemy No. 1), delves into the ingredient lists of soda and energy drinks, and exposes many juices as fruity sugar fests. But don't let it scare you into a water fast. The book shows the best alternative drinks, such as Smoothie King's Pineapple Pleasure over its Pineapple Surf. You also will find tips on reading labels, supermarket survival and recipes for crafting your own healthy smoothies and cocktails.

ABCs of nutrition

For the shopper who can't tell whole wheat from multigrain, What to Eat comes to the rescue.

Using a direct, simple style, the book gets down to the bread and butter of nutrition. It starts with basic information on the most healthful vegetables, meats and grains, and shows proper portion sizes and government-approved recommended daily servings.

Learn, to your horror, just how many servings are in a supermarket bagel. The book shows what to pick to ensure a shopping cart of sound nutrition. What to Eat also gives product recommendations, such as Ezekiel bread and Amy's frozen entrees. It also has budgeting tips and guides to seasonal fish and produce.

Real inspiration

For years Oxygen magazine has coaxed women away from the curly fries and into the weight room, andPick It Kick It carries on that tradition. The book "picks" the healthiest meal options, such as power breakfasts of English muffins and peanut butter. It also "kicks" unhealthy options like hash browns and eggs Benedict.

But Pick It Kick It goes beyond healthy choices. Filled with stories of women who have made smart changes and have beautiful bodies to show for it, the book offers real inspiration for those battling ice cream cravings.

Peppered with restaurant survival guides, recipes and exercise advice, the book gives readers everything they need to adopt a healthier lifestyle and step away from the Ben & Jerry's.