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Officials say a woman offered a trailer for free on Craigslist - but it wasn't hers.

The Craigslist ad said the trailer was free and up for grabs. Available right away. No need to call or e-mail. No questions asked.

"Come get this trailer, attach it to your car and get it out of here," Vanessa Kimball posted on June 22, according to a Pasco County Sheriff's Office report. "I'm tired of looking at it, and I have no idea what to do with it. ... (J)ust get (it) out of here!"

A few hours later, the trailer, along with the furniture on top of it, was gone from the parking lot at the Chelsea Meadows Condominiums in Land O'Lakes.

But authorities say the trailer wasn't Kimball's to give away.

Its owner, Robert Andrews, had moved into Chelsea Meadows a few doors down from Kimball two weeks earlier. As furniture was being moved into and out of his new apartment, he had left two blue couches, a mirror and a dresser on a homemade, uncovered trailer - worth about $900 total - in the parking lot.

Apparently, he chose the wrong spot.

It wasn't exactly official, Kimball admitted to sheriff's deputies later that day, but that parking spot was rightfully hers. After all, she has kids. She couldn't be expected to walk far from her car to her apartment, No. 181.

Although the landlord had told Kimball, 29, there were plenty of spots to choose from, Kimball took it upon herself to reclaim her space, the report states.

Her Craigslist ad, posted about 10:30 a.m. June 22, had aspiring trailer owners swarming the parking lot at 4427 Dylan Loop within hours, according to the report.

"I will delete this post when (the trailer) is gone," the ad stated. "Thank you!"

When Andrews, 24, pulled into the parking lot that afternoon, someone asked him where to find the free trailer. Then a few more people drove up, all looking for the trailer.

But it was already gone.

It was returned to the parking lot the next morning after deputies say Kimball posted another Craigslist ad asking whoever had taken the trailer to bring it back.

By the time authorities came back to photograph the trailer June 23, Kimball had moved out of her apartment with all of her belongings, the report states.

Deputies tracked her down Thursday night and arrested her not too far from Chelsea Meadows. Charged with grand theft, she has been released from the Land O'Lakes jail on $2,000 bail.