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As the labor market slowly heals, we see more and more new job opportunities opening. That is positive news for those looking for a job. Perhaps you feel you are at the end of your rope in your job search. Always remember what Dale Carnegie, the legendary author of The Power of Positive Thinking, advised: "Most people give up right when they're on the edge of success." - People who believe in themselves and have a positive attitude and outlook attract other positive people and are invariably the last to be laid off and, if so, also the first to find a new job. How these people maintain that resolute approach to life no matter the challenges and how you can benefit, both as a person and as a job seeker, is key to the results they get. - Here are the top 10 traits that assisted these corporate leaders and industry experts in achieving their level of success, both personally and in the business world.

Optimism. A sustained belief in and expectation of positive outcomes in the face of difficulty, challenge or crisis.

Enthusiasm. A high level of interest, positive energy, passion or personal motivation.

Belief. Faith and trust in oneself, others and/or a higher spiritual power to provide support and guidance whenever needed.

Integrity. Acting on a personal commitment to honesty, openness and fairness. Living by and for one's high standards and being true to one's word.

Courage. The willingness to take risks and overcome fears, even when the outcome is uncertain.

Confidence. Being assured of one's abilities, capabilities and potential to perform the job.

Determination. The tireless pursuit of a goal, purpose or just cause.

Patience. The willingness to wait for opportunity, readiness or results from oneself or others.

Calmness. Maintaining serenity and seeking balance daily in response to difficulty, challenge or crisis. Taking time to reflect and think.

Focus. Attention directed through the setting and achieving of goals and priorities.

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Make goals

If you are looking for a job, do you have determination and optimism? Do you show confidence and enthusiasm?

Successful executives and top producers regularly set and list their goals, both short and long term. Take your career in a new direction and reenergize your job search by writing down the 10 traits. Note your strong points and which traits could use improvement. Certainly, there are other common traits such as sincerity, caring for others and dedication that could be in your top 10 traits and you could add to your list. Post the list on your desk as a constant reminder.

Determine how to address your strengths and weaknesses. Evaluate and improve your attitude and character to ensure your success.

David Coreen is president and CEO of Davron Staffing. The Tampa-based firm recruits executives and technical experts in engineering, architecture, geology, finance and accounting, information technology and related technical support to meet their local, national and international client companies' needs. Go to for more information.