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Angela Raab, a graduate of Nature Coast Technical High School; Megan England, a graduate of Springstead High School, and Christopher P. Kline, a graduate of Hernando High School, were the recipients of the Richard Buckingham Community Service Scholarships offered by Hernando County Sheriff's Office Youth Education Services.

The recipients were selected based on volunteering a considerable number of hours outside of school activities with an organization in Hernando County, achieving at least a 2.0 grade point average and planning to enroll as a full-time student in an accredited college, university or trade school.

A selection committee from the Hernando County Sheriff's Office YES board of directors reviewed all the applications and chose the recipients. Each received a $1,000 scholarship, presented by Hernando County Sheriff Richard B. Nugent.

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Recreation and sports

The Charlie Misiak Senior Softball League is a softball league for individuals 60 and older. The summer schedule began May 4. All games are played at Anderson Snow Park in Spring Hill. Two games are played at 9 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. The 2010 summer teams are Roth Dental, Suncoast Urology, Minerva's, Jim's Fix It and VFW/C's Pub.

Recent scores:

May 18: Suncoast, 16, Minerva's, 8; Roth Dental, 7, VFW/C's Pub, 6.

May 20: Minerva's, 10, Jim's Fix It, 3; Suncoast, 20, Roth Dental, 17.

May 25: Roth Dental, 12, Minerva's, 9; Jim's Fix It, 2, VFW/C's Pub, 1.

May 27: VFW/C's Pub, 14, Suncoast, 4; Roth Dental, 15, Jim's Fix It, 7.

June 1: Suncoast, 10, Jim's Fix It, 7; Minerva's, 14, VFW/C's Pub, 7.

June 3: VFW/C's Pub, 13, Roth Dental, 7; Minerva's, 9, Suncoast, 8.

June 8: Roth Dental, 10, Suncoast, 9; Jim's Fix It, 13, Minerva's, 7.

June 10:VFW/C's Pub, 17, Jim's Fix It, 0; Minerva's, 18, Roth Dental, 13.

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