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Re: Pedestrians always lose, story - June 27

Two pictures showed two different pedestrians crossing Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard east of Hampton Road, and the police intend to write warnings to jaywalkers in the area to help stop pedestrian deaths. I believe this a waste of police time and taxpayer money. I am saddened by any tragic death, but the police response is unhelpful.

Quick, the horse is out, nail up the barn door!

The pictures did not show it, and I am positive the article did not mention it, yet if a person knew the area well enough, one would know why so many people cross at that specific spot: the RaceTrac convenience store. I am not blaming the store. If the store were located at a major intersection, this would all be moot.

RaceTrac is on the north side of Gulf-to-Bay, open 24 hours and almost 100 yards east of the crosswalk at Hampton Road. Those living in the apartments or mobile homes further east on the opposite side of Gulf-to-Bay would have to walk past RaceTrac to Hampton, cross Gulf-to-Bay, then walk to back to RaceTrac on the north side of Gulf-to-Bay, then reverse the process.

Would it be safer? Duh. Would most people do it? My vote is "unlikely." There is no other crosswalk in the area.

I see no easy answer. Building a pedestrian overpass is too costly, and a pedestrian crossing in that area (I think) is out of the question. Traffic is just too heavy to allow it. Yet keep this in mind: Jaywalking is not much different than any other traffic violation. Many people commit violations because of carelessness or a belief they will not get caught. Violations of all type are a dime a dozen on that strip. Being stupid can get a person killed. Writing tickets will not stop anything.

Clearwater's city government is in a financial bind, yet someone believes warnings, then maybe some citations for jaywalking, will change the situation. Unless the police plan on manning that area 24 hours a day for jaywalkers, forget the idea. Catch them if you can; the horse is already out of the barn.

Jac Couch, Clearwater

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Re: Pedestrians always lose, story - June 27

Looking for more commitment

I had to respond to this article, because I couldn't believe what I read! Largo police Sgt. George Edmiston set a goal of reducing pedestrian accidents and deaths by 50 percent. Are you kidding me? As a law enforcement officer, charged with protecting the public, shouldn't his goal be 100 percent?

Apparently, in Largo, if you set your goals at doing half of your job, you can make sergeant. Is it any wonder that pedestrian deaths in Pinellas are about twice the national average, when law enforcement only tries to reduce the numbers by 50 percent?

David Feeney, Dunedin

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Animal League deserves thanks

I wish to thank Rick Chaboudy and the staff of the Suncoast Animal League for their compassion and assistance in helping me with the rescue of a lost dog.

In the middle of busy Alderman Road in Palm Harbor, I spotted a stray, very wet, 80-pound hound dog. Fortunately, the Suncoast Animal League had a volunteer on staff during the evening hours and received permission from Chaboudy to keep the dog at their shelter. Otherwise, per the advice of the police, I would have had to go to Animal Services on Ulmerton Road. I could not imagine myself driving that distance with this huge, beautiful animal leaning over and licking me constantly, showing his appreciation for being rescued.

Please help support this wonderful shelter with your donations.

Arlene Renda, Palm Harbor