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Details, schmetails. Rick Scott wants the job

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott is running as an outsider untainted by political or government experience. Check him out on Political Connections on Bay News 9 today at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m., and it's clear he's also unburdened of any detailed policy proposals or deep knowledge of Florida government.

His take on last year's sweeping overhaul of Florida's growth management laws? "I'm not familiar with that," said Scott, a former health care executive. "I think a lot of these issues in regards to growth management ought to be local issues. We ought to decide locally."

How about the state's proposed $536 million deal to buy 73,000 acres from U.S. Sugar Corp. to restore the Everglades? "I don't know all the details, but here's my impression: It's great. It would be great if we had more land the state can control. Can we afford it? Will it raise our taxes and are we spending dollars to do that, to not do other restoration projects? That's my concern."

Any concerns with Florida's Bright Futures scholarship program? "Right now it's fine, but we have to look at how can we continue to afford it and if we can't how can we spend those dollars better."

Posted by Adam Smith at 11:18:12 AM on July 4, 2010