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Florida House 45 race flier recycles old tactic

Back in 2007, a political group called the Committee to Protect Florida hammered a state Senate candidate named Richard Corcoran.

In its arsenal was a mailer that accused Corcoran of making false allegations about an opponent in a previous race. The mailer showed an image of a flashing police beacon along with a warning: "BEWARE! Richard Corcoran is back in the area looking to buy a seat in the Senate."

Corcoran dropped out of the race, citing the negative campaign. Now, as he runs for the state House District 45 seat, the Committee to Protect Florida has returned Ñ and paid for a familiar flier that just hit mailboxes in Pasco and Pinellas counties.

The flashing police beacon is back. So is the same shadowy font, even some of the same wording. But the target this time around? Not Corcoran, but his opponents.

"BEWARE! Fabian Calvo and Kathryn Starkey are making false campaign claims and trying to reinvent themselves as lifelong conservatives to win a seat in the State House."

David DeCamp, Times staff writer

Posted by Times Editor at 02:50:52 PM on July 5, 2010

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Political spot Tucson's Southwest Grill shutting down

Tuscon's Southwest Grill, the restaurant near Ulmerton Road that was home to monthly meetings of the Democratic and Republican parties of Pinellas County, has closed, majority owner Leslie Rubin confirmed on Monday.

The restaurant -- a mid-county favorite for gatherings and political events -- couldn't make ends meet. Rubin recently took control from previous owner David Earp, but the economy and a road construction on Ulmerton cut business, said Rubin, who owns the venue with several other partners.

Rubin said he didn't immediately know how many employees were put out of work by the decision, which was made over the weekend. The phone system and Earp's voice mail were still running Monday with nobody answering. He also declined to say how bad the financial losses were.

But Rubin said he wants to re-open as a restaurant or other business as soon as possible.

"We're actively working on a lot of options," Rubin said.

David DeCamp, Times staff writer

Posted by Times Editor at 12:12:16 PM on July 5, 2010