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ATLANTA - Damon Evans will be out as Georgia's athletic director in the coming days, the Associated Press reported Sunday.

The school has not made an official announcement, but a conference call of the athletic association's board of directors executive committee is scheduled for today. The AP report said it is unclear whether Evans, 40, will resign or be fired.

Evans was arrested and charged with DUI late Wednesday. On Thursday, Evans said he "failed miserably" as a leader and representative of Georgia.

According to the police incident report, Courtney Fuhrmann, 28, was with Evans, a 40-year-old married father of two, in his car and was charged with disorderly conduct. Evans, who was found with a pair of red panties between his legs, attempted to influence the arresting Georgia State Patrol officer by saying he was Georgia's athletic director, according to the report. Evans told the officer that Fuhrmann was nothing more than a friend.

Mixed Martial Arts

Humble Lesnar wins comeback bout

About the time Shane Carwin's 40th consecutive punch hit him, Brock Lesnar realized he couldn't argue if the referee stopped their fight and took away his UFC heavyweight title late Saturday in Las Vegas.

When Carwin's punches gradually lost power, Lesnar knew he would survive, and one round later, he finished a comeback within a comeback at UFC 116.

Lesnar, who was bleeding over his left eye after taking nearly two minutes of punches, rallied to stop interim champ Carwin with a choke in the second round, defending his title in his first fight since an intestinal illness nearly killed him.

"I knew he was getting tired," Lesnar said. "Each shot was less dramatic than the other. ... I stand before you a humble champion, and I'm still the toughest (guy) around, baby."

Lesnar (5-1) took down Carwin (12-1) in the second round and got him in an arm triangle choke, forcing Carwin to tap out. Instead of celebrating with trash talk and obscene gestures, as he did at UFC 100 after beating Frank Mir, Lesnar praised his foe and basked in cheers.

Et Cetera

NHL: The Kings dropped out of the Ilya Kovalchuk sweepstakes after the free agent rejected their latest offer, apparently unwilling to accept less than $10 million a season for 10 years. "We took our best shot to meet his needs and the team's," Kings GM Dean Lombardi told the Los Angeles Times. Moving up in the running for the 27-year-old wing are the Islanders and Devils.

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