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I have Windows Vista and recently installed Avira. Now when I go on the computer, a box greets me with: Error loading C:/PROGRA`2/MY WEBS-1/bar/2.bin/F3SCRCTR.DLL. The specified module could not be found. Please tell me what to do. Also, tell me what you think of Avira and Avast. I kept Avast also, as I have had it for five years now. Pretty good thus far and best part is both are free.

F3SCRCTR.DLL is part of MyWebSearch toolbar add-on installed with various software. You can stop whatever is starting it by click Start, Run, type MSCONFIG and click OK. Then check for an uninstall in Control Panel, Add/Remove programs. Check the Startup tab and disable the process.

What do I think of Avira and Avast? My first rule of computing is, "If it's not broke - don't fix it." But that may not be the case here. Windows Vista comes with a very good firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials (free download) is as good as it gets.

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How do you set a password for a router? Does anyone have access to my connection if I don't have a password? I have heard only people near my street can get access. Can people who have access get into my computer? How long should the password be?

Two things are at play here: access to your wireless network and actual administration of your router. Without a password on your wireless network, people within range will be able to easily hop on, and yes, your computer could then be at risk. In order to secure your network with a password, you have to administer it through your router.

Here's how to do it: Run your browser and type in the address of This will bring you to your router administration screen. The default user is admin with no password. Routers may differ according to brand, so it's a good idea to check the documentation (can be found on their website) for specific login details. Once logged in to your router administration screen, you will see settings for "wireless." It's here where you can specify a wireless network password. There will also be a setting (usually on the main page) where you can set a router password. Now, with all this said, many cable providers who provide the router install it with the wireless password already set (usually printed on the bottom), so check with them before taking any action. However, the router admin password usually defaults to blank (or "admin"), so it's a good idea to change it.