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Published Jul. 6, 2010

Congratulations, all graduates. If you are still seeking a job, keep up the activity and keep up the good attitude. If you have found your first real job, career coach Rhonda Sciortino, who created two multimillion-dollar companies, reveals tried-and-true secrets for graduates to achieve success at work, no matter the career path. And, I offer her tips to everyone, no matter what age or career.

Respect everyone. Everyone you meet on the job should be treated with courtesy, respect and dignity. Your behavior, mannerisms and tone of voice (whether good or bad) will be noticed.

Create your own job security. Learn about your company's competition, be the employee everyone knows will get the job done and establish a pattern of consistency and competence.

Set your own "Personal Best" record. Always look for ways to do your job better, faster and more efficiently. Always learn more about the job, the company, its mission, products or services.

Create your own dynamics. Offer solutions to problems, speak well of others and take initiative to make things happen. When your employer has a choice between two equally qualified people, he or she will choose the one with the can-do attitude.

Focus on a job well done. It's good to build relationships at work, but you are there to make money and perform your job description, not to find your next party.

Maintain a good attitude for success. A bad attitude holds you back from promotions, higher pay, better jobs and good relationships. Don't be easily offended by things people say or do, and give everyone the benefit of the doubt before passing judgment.

Just say NO to negative co-workers. Do not adapt to bad habits of others.