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NO ogreS to be found

Sounds of kids lose out to those of birds

No ducks, rabbits, pigeons and bees allowed. One dog permitted. And, oh, no children, except as visitors. Not that the folks in Firhall, Scotland, have anything against children. They told the BBC in a report on Monday that their village, which opened in 2003 to people age 45 and older, offers peace and quiet at a good price - and the child-free element isn't a big deal. "The media hyped it up to such an extent you would really think anybody who wanted to live in a village like this was an ogre and they hated children," estate agent Lesley-Ann Fraser told the BBC. Resident Edwina Ellis said the 93-home development is nothing like that. "There is a lot of bird song and lovely wildlife," she said. "You see squirrels every day. It's just a lovely place to live." And no children, of course.

a Small fish tale

His arm gets in way of his catch

Fortunately, the shark he caught while fishing off New York's Long Island was a little smaller than that meanie from Jaws. Not happy about leaving the water, the shark bit the 20-year-old man, whose name was not released by a Coast Guard crew that escorted him to shore for medical treatment before he went to the hospital Saturday. He told them he was trying to remove the hook from the blue shark's mouth when it bit him on his right bicep. It's unclear what happened to the shark, or how big it was. "As I understand it, the injury wasn't too bad," Petty Officer Thomas McKenzie told CNN Radio.


A bad script with a worse ending

Two Swedish men were watching films together when they got the idea for a much better production: cutting each other up with knives. Their production did not go well. The men, ages 28 and 29, were found bloodied and in a state of distress at an apartment block in Kungsor, about 80 miles west of Stockholm, on Saturday afternoon, the newspaper Vestmanlands Lans Tidning reported. Both are being detained on suspicion of aggravated assault. The police added that there is some question about their sanity.

wrong address

Uninvited guest prefers the buff

It was one of those mornings. You know, when you get up, go downstairs and find a naked stranger passed out on your sofa. San Diego police Lt. Jim Filley said the homeowner called police after finding the snoring man Sunday morning. The intruder said he thought he was in his own home in Mission Valley, about 20 miles away, when he took off his clothes and walked in through the unlocked front door. The shocked homeowner declined to press charges. And since the intruder had sobered up, he was sent on his way.

Compiled from Times wire services and other sources.