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Ambulance rides may hurt a little more - story, June 23

As much as I can appreciate the need for ambulances and other medical transport options, I can't help but question raising resident fees right now, and by 10.15 percent.

My salary has not increased at all in the past seven years, and I know for a fact that the income of most other individuals hasn't either, if they are even lucky enough to have a job right now.

I sometimes wonder if those who figure these increases take into consideration the individuals who would pay this, in this economy right now. There are many other ways to increase the county's income. And to state that a portion comes from Medicare, insurance, etc. - who pays those premiums that are also increasing without our annual incomes rising?

I'd like to see a complete breakdown on what the county spends on everything, including office supplies. Then work down that list to eliminate that which could help pay the additional 10.15 percent.

Leila Friedman, St. Petersburg

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City's work quick, but hard to figure

For anyone wanting to gain some small insight into the thought processes of the city of Clearwater, I offer this stunning example: In response to a neighborhood petition drive demanding that the city do something about people congregating around a pedestrian footbridge near the corner of Evergreen and Jeffords streets at night, the city took decisive action: It removed the footbridge. I'll wait while you read those last four words again.

Once your laughter has subsided enough to dial, the mayor's City Hall phone number is 562-4050.

Chip Haynes, Clearwater

* * *

Young folks spring to help

About 5 p.m. on a recent Tuesday, my wife and I left a doctor's office and pulled onto 66th Street N. Suddenly my car shut down completely. It wouldn't start up again, and traffic was backing up behind us. We are both in our 80s, so it was a little scary.

In just a couple of minutes, a fellow stopped and asked if he could help. He pushed the car about 20 feet to a side street. Then my wife and I were going to return to the doctor's office to phone for help. Another young man pulled up on a motorcycle and offered to use his cell phone to call AAA. He contacted them and gave them all the information needed. Then, as we were waiting for the tow truck, this same guy returned with two other fellows and they pushed the car into a safer place. They also brought my wife and me each a bottle of cold water.

If you guys are reading this, I know you will recognize yourselves. Thanks again and God bless. For anyone else reading it, count your blessings. We have another great generation of young men.

Frank Justison, St. Petersburg

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