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"Fed-up" St. Pete Beach official urges a change - June 27, story

St. Pete Beach Commissioner Marvin Shavlan's assessment of "hometown democracy" in his community gives me hope. Development has slowed along Gulf Boulevard, which most of us applaud.

I have been navigating that stretch almost daily for the last 46 years, observing the steady destruction of an idyllic beach community.

New construction is obviously ongoing but perhaps not to the extent envisioned by Shavlan and the current development-supported City Commission. There would not be lawsuits if the commission adhered to the will of the majority of its citizens.

Charles M. Fuss Jr., St. Pete Beach

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It's nice to see no more panhandlers - June 30, letters

Panhandlers gone? Not by a long shot

Hah. Where is this person's office? All week we have watched men ask for money from passers-by outside our office downtown on Central Avenue.

B.J. Mitchell, St. Petersburg

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Give students credit for fitness walking

Lack of physical fitness among teenagers seems to be a growing problem. Certainly this results in decreasing energy levels, which makes learning more difficult. Many are disqualified from military service due to being overweight. Here is a solution: Offer classes in group walking, treadmill, or both, as an elective course for credit. Initially, it may cost extra money, but it can be a worthwhile investment.

With even a moderate workout, students can burn at least 500 calories. I have personally lost more than 20 pounds in the past two years by adding the treadmill to my workout routine, along with some nutritional changes.

Am I faster than a high school student? Probably not, but I am enjoying the path to fitness. I'd like others to enjoy it, too.

Carl E. Graham, Largo

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Turn signals still are required, right?

I am confused. Aren't you required to put on your turn signal when making a turn or changing lanes? How are we going to know what the other driver is going to do and possibly avoid an accident?

Are they afraid to change a bulb or too busy on their cell phones or tweeting? This is not a home or restaurant. This is your vehicle, and it can be a fatal weapon.

Also, isn't it the law in Florida that when it is raining you must turn your lights on? I have driven on I-275 in pouring rain, and very few drivers have their headlights on, making it very hard to see them. I hate driving anymore.

Diana Mosello, St. Petersburg