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The former mayoral candidate's ex-girlfriend says the matter is resolved.
Published Jul. 7, 2010

The ex-girlfriend of Deveron Gibbons dropped her petition to keep the former mayoral candidate away from her.

Last month, Rita Wesley, 41, sought a court injunction that would keep Gibbons, a vice president of Amscot Financial, 500 feet from her home and 100 feet from her car.

She had claimed that Gibbons, 37, had threatened to harm her and had made harassing phone calls. Gibbons and his attorney, David Del Vecchio, denied the allegations and said they would be proved false at a court hearing that was scheduled for today.

But Wesley dropped the case last week. When contacted Tuesday, Wesley wouldn't explain why.

"It's a personal, private matter," Wesley said. "It has been resolved and I'm satisfied with the result."

Del Vecchio said this ends the legal squabble.

"First off, Mr. Gibbons has the greatest respect for Ms. Wesley and her family," Del Vecchio said. "They are pillars of the community."

He said that he thinks Wesley thought better of her complaint.

"I think she learned that this sort of injunction should be reserved for those who are suffering actual dating violence, and not for those with an ax to grind," he said.

Asked what Wesley was referring to when she her complaint had been resolved to her satisfaction, Del Vecchio said he didn't know.

Gibbons couldn't be reached for comment.