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Published Jul. 7, 2010

UFOS, PLEASE check in

Mulder and Scully can get in on this, too

E.T., when you have a moment, please call Mario Borghezio. He's an Italian member of the European Parliament who wants to know about all things extraterrestrial, and he wants the public to share the same. On Tuesday, he called on European Union governments to open their secret files on UFOs, because people need to know about close encounters of the third kind. It's about time that the EU had it own X Files archive, Borghezio told the Associated Press in an e-mail. He is seeking the support of his fellow 736 lawmakers to end this UFO coverup. So far, though, he has collected only 18 signatures.


Looks like work of a certain bandit

The Barefoot Bandit does get around. In his latest apparent caper over the weekend, he stole a single-engine Cessna from an airport in Bloomington, Ind., flew to the Bahamas, crashed, then vanished. On Tuesday, police were pretty sure it's another heist by 19-year-old Colton Harris-Moore, a Washington state man who has no formal flight training. He is suspected of stealing cars and small planes since escaping from a halfway house near Seattle in 2008. The nickname? He got it by committing crimes while shoeless.

All about the money

Come and get it, if you can carry it

A truck carrying $2.5 million in coins had an unexpected stop in southern Italy. That is, it overturned. Motorists quickly hit the brakes to avoid the truck. Whew! Then they helped themselves to the coins. Free money! Police in Foggia, where the accident occurred Monday, said Tuesday it wasn't clear how much money was stolen, since a lot of coins were still on the highway. But they say at least $12,500 was missing. The weight of the stolen coins wasn't disclosed.

Gather round and burn that $13,000

The Feminist Initiative party of Sweden says that for every working minute, the country's women earn $13,000 less than the men. To show how upset it is about this circumstance, the party burned 100,000 Swedish kronor ($13,000) at a barbecue on Tuesday. That's right, burned the cash. "It may seem desperate to burn 100,000 kronor, but the situation is desperate as well," party leader Gudrun Schyman said. The burned money had been donated by an advertising agency.

Compiled from Times wire services and other sources.