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Steve Carell has announced he's leaving The Office after the 2010-11 season. Who should replace him? As always, the Internet is full of rumors and recommendations.

Ricky Gervais

The executive producer/creator of The Office (and short-time star of the original British version) is the top vote-getter in an online poll on Don't bet on it, though. On his blog, Gervais wrote: "Just to quash more rumours: No, of course I won't be taking over from Steve Carell on The Office. Why would I ever do that?"

Jason Alexander

He's been taking it slow since the end of Seinfeld - not that there's anything wrong with that. And as points out, George Costanza always got the biggest laughs from his office shenanigans. He could even grab a nap under his desk.

Jason Bateman

Seriously, you could pick anyone from the classic Arrested Development series and strike gold. (Will Arnett!) Fans of Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch blog favor Bateman, though the magazine leans toward David Cross, who played never-nude Tobias.

John C. Reilly

Hard to imagine him without Will Ferrell as a foil, but Reilly's star will be on the rise when his new flick, Cyrus, opens July 16. The Huffington Post's Jon Chattman says Reilly would bring "the same level of dumb he did in Step Brothers." (That's good, right?)

Megan Mullally

Who says Carell's replacement has to be male? says Will & Grace alum Mullally would have "no problem playing s lightly delusional and constantly distracted. ... Besides, just imagine the sweeps episode where Sean Hayes guest-stars as a jilted former flame."