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This summer, millions of Americans will have "wash the car" on their to-do lists. Before you pull out the buckets, sponges, soaps and sprayers, Ford Motor Co. has a few tips for making your car clean in a more eco-friendly way.

Turf job: When washing your car at home, take the chore off the driveway and onto your lawn. Not only will you get your car clean, but you will water the grass while you're rinsing it off.

Nozzle it: Americans waste gallons of water by leaving their hoses on during carwashes. Before washing, buy a water-saving hose nozzle to shut off the flow of water when you aren't spraying your car.

Grab the rag: Before you get out the paper towels to dry your car, consider using a rag or a microfiber towel. Either will get the job done better and can be used repeatedly throughout the summer.

Go pro: While you can save money washing your car at home, the most environmentally friendly way to get your vehicle clean may be to go to a carwash. The International Carwash Association reports that automatic carwashes use less than half the water of even the most careful home car washer. According to one report, washing a car at home typically uses between 80 and 140 gallons of water, while a commercial carwash averages less than 45 gallons per car.

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