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Re: Port Richey park annexation

I thank Rep. John Legg for unusual clarity, for a politician, of an issue.

Port Richey had no business wanting to expand its borders by annexing a now beautiful state park. The city could not even get its most important park, Waterfront, mowed before a big event. It is amazing that Port Richey officials state they did not want it for future annexations when that was exactly the plan and has been discussed at length among city officials.

The plan was to obtain the park so the city could sneak in the back doors of the U.S. 19 businesses and start charging them the higher taxes that accompany being part of the city. It probably could force the small business owner out of business in this economy.

The city now has a council and manager who want to build an empire on the backs of a very few citizens.

Amy Scott, Port Richey

* * *

Explain charges on my electric bill

It's that time of the month again when my patience is pushed to its limit by the arrival of my Withlacoochee River Electric bill. There it is again! Taunting my high blood pressure, pushing my anger button and wreaking havoc on my budget. What is causing me to rant? The insidious, perpetual, seldom decreasing "surcharge" which regularly exceeds the actual cost of the electricity I use.

I keep the thermostat at 78 degrees (79-80 when I go out for long periods of time); plus, I always turn off my lights when they are not needed. I know that it's been very hot lately and the cost of oil varies greatly from week to week; but, enough is enough. This has been going on for years. It's time we, the consumers, catch a break. I think it is also time for WREC to explain in plain English and detail exactly what, where, and at what contract price it is purchasing the oil/coal it needs to produce our electricity.

Additionally, it should provide us with the duration of these purchase contracts. As I wait for the disclosure, please do me a favor and pass me my blood pressure medication.

Tom Woods, Brooksville

* * *

Jaycee, therapy dog, irreplaceable

Jaycee the boxer went to doggie heaven after more than 10 years as a therapy dog going to nursing homes to make people happy and going to the Great American Teach-in to teach little ones about being responsible dog owners.

Thanks to those who sent sympathy cards. I will get a new partner, but nothing can replace Jaycee.

Kathryn L. Robinson, New Port Richey