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Saving money is fun. But sometimes, what seems like a money saver turns out to be a fiasco.

DO NOT do it yourself when you have no idea what you're doing, especially when it comes to electricity, plumbing or personal grooming (haircuts, eyebrow waxing). Consider getting professional help. Some things need to be left up to an expert.

DO NOT buy in bulk items you rarely use. It just hogs space.

DO NOT pick the cheap option on long-term buys, such as tires, appliances, electronics. You will end up paying more for repairs and inconvenience.

DO NOT prolong the use of one-month disposable contacts. The chances of eye infections and possible damage are not worth it.

DO NOT buy cheap basic clothing. For women, black pants are the universal closet item. They can be worn many times a week and through most of the year. Invest in a good pair. Same goes for guys who wear dress shirts daily.

DO NOT buy cheap toilet paper or paper towels. When you must use twice or three times as much to compensate, buy a better product.

DO NOT skimp on insurance (auto, homeowners, renter's). No one ever plans for disaster, but not having good insurance on your home or even a car you're still paying for is dumb.