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Does CBS have plans to return The New Adventures of Old Christine to its lineup?

It does not. There was talk after the networks announced their lineups in May that ABC might pick up the comedy starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus. But Entertainment Weekly later reported that ABC passed, and the production company dropped its attempts to keep the show going.

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That's not Sheen on piano

On Two and a Half Men, does Charlie Sheen - who plays Charlie Harper, the composer of jingles - play the piano himself?

No. And no, the cast of Men does not sing the opening theme; it is done by studio musicians.

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The long and short of TV runs

With the broadcast networks developing good shows and then pulling them after one or two seasons (or less), why should the average viewer even pay attention to new offerings? My wife and I loved The Forgotten, Jericho, Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone, but they didn't last nearly long enough. We feel jilted. Now we only watch series from the pay channels since they seem to stick with their shows much longer.

Cable and premium channels have also been known to yank shows before their time; HBO's Deadwood and Carnivale each left their fans with unresolved stories, for instance.

Almost any show is at risk of a short run, and it has been that way for much of TV's history; You're in the Picture, a 1961 series with Jackie Gleason, was canceled after one telecast. In most cases, survival is a matter of whether a program can bring in enough audience and revenue to justify its continued existence. And while many broadcast shows get yanked soon, others endure, often for a long time.

Law & Order just ended a two-decade run. A sampling of scripted shows returning this fall after more than three seasons on the air includes CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and its two spinoffs, NCIS, Two and a Half Men, Medium, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, House, The Office and Bones. And reality TV has included perennials like Survivor and American Idol - although there have even been cases of reality competitions pulled off the air before they were done.

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The return of 'Caprica' and 'V'

Can you please tell me if the shows Caprica and V are done until the fall season starts? If not, when are they coming back on with new shows?

V has completed its first season on ABC and it is expected back sometime this fall, with some talk about that being in November. Caprica had what it called a midseason finale after airing nine of its first 18 episodes; Syfy has not yet set a date for its return, but it's expected to be later this year.