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GOP gov race spending: Rick Scott $20-mil, Bill McCollum $6-mil

For those wondering about the Florida GOP gubernatorial primary media spending (The Rick Scott Let's Get To Work committee now has a spot comparing Bill McCollum to a poopie diaper. Seriously.) here are the totals through July 13:

Scott campaign: $17.49-million; Lets Get to Work: $2.99-million. Total: $20.48-million.

McCollum campaign: $2.51-mil; Alliance for America: $1.86-mil; Florida First Initiative: $1.93-mil. Total: $6.3-mil

Posted by Adam Smith at 10:23:10 AM on July 9, 2010

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Will House trade new Amend. 7 for drilling ban?

Rep. Ron Schultz has an interesting theory. House Republican leadership, currently recalcitrant about the push to add an oil drilling ban to the state constitution, might give up their opposition if Democrats (and Gov. Charlie Crist) agree to allow an altered version of the Legislature's redistricting amendment to go on the ballot.

The Homosassa Republican -- who has no problem with adding a drilling ban to the constitution -- said he is not privy to inside negotiations and doesn't usually believe in political coincidences. But he said, "it was interesting that the two things happened essentially on the same day."

Posted by Lee Logan at 10:37:06 AM on July 9, 2010

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The Lindsay Lohan connection to Fla senate race

UPDATE: "She was a guest of (Greene) and his wife," said a Greene spokesman.

After Buzz yesterday highlighted Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene palling around in St. Bart's with Lindsay Lohan last New Year's Eve, an Orlando TV reporter asked him about it. He seemed to imply he had no idea what the reporter was talking about: "I don't even know what photograph...People stand next to me all the time in photographs. What can I say? This is not what's important. Floridians are worried about jobs, getting results."

Because inquiring minds want to know, Buzz can now report that it appears Lohan was spending time on Greene's 145-foot yacht, Summerwind, at the time.

If you're Kendrick Meek, it has to gall you. He could see his political career ended by a rich newcomer who was partying with celebutantes while Meek was started a grueling two-year campaign for U.S. Senate.

Posted by Adam Smith at 10:57:49 AM on July 9, 2010

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Bob Graham's oil spill commission heads to Florida

The presidential oil spill commission co-chaired by Bob Graham will visit Florida and other Gulf states this weekend. The visits come before the commission's first public meeting in New Orleans on Monday and Tuesday.

Graham and commissioner Terry Garcia will visit Panama City, South Walton County and Pensacola Beach on Sunday. Gov. Charlie Crist will join them in the afternoon, according to an itinerary.

Posted by Alex Leary at 11:50:51 AM on July 9, 2010

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If Facebook decided elections, it's U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio is the self-styled king of Facebook.

The U.S. Senate candidate has surpassed 100,000 "friends" on the social network site, rounding out a campaign to exceed the Democratic National Committee. He's trouncing rivals Charlie Crist (26,603) and Kendrick Meek (17,309) and Jeff Greene (424).

"With his grassroots momentum surging, Rubio currently has more Facebook friends that any other 2010 U.S. Senate candidate," spokesman Alex Burgos boasts.

Posted by Alex Leary at 12:23:50 PM on July 9, 2010

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Scott, McCollum agree to 2 debates; 3rd in works

The campaigns of Rick Scott and Bill McCollum have agreed to two debates -- Aug. 2 in Miami and Aug. 5 in Tampa, according to a letter from McCollum campaign adviser Doyle Bartlett. A third debate in Orlando by Leadership Florida is scheduled for Aug. 11. McCollum has said he will attend. (Full letter below.)

Dear Ms. Wiles,

Thank you for taking my calls and returning my emails this past week regarding finalizing a debate schedule agreeable to both Attorney General Bill McCollum and Rick Scott.

Based on our conversations, this letter will serve to formalize our agreement. Both the McCollum for Governor campaign and Mr. Scott's campaign have confirmed participation in two debates. We are continuing to discuss the third proposed debate.

The first debate will be hosted by Univision on August 2, 2010, in Miami. The second debate will be August 5, 2010 in Tampa, hosted by local Fox affiliate WTVT.

Additionally, Attorney General McCollum has confirmed he will participate in Leadership Florida's August 11, 2010, debate in Orlando. This is the only debate that will air on commercial stations throughout Florida and Mr. Scott is a member of the host organization.

I am hopeful you will confirm your participation in the Leadership Florida debate directly to the organization's President, Wendy Abberger.


Doyle Bartlett, Senior Advisor, McCollum for Governor Campaign

Posted by Lee Logan at 04:04:55 PM on July 9, 2010