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Parental plight I

Mom's ransom was to Iron son's clothes

There are kids who are snarky, snappy, disrespectful ... but hold your own mother hostage? Authorities have charged a 29-year-old Georgia man with aggravated assault and false imprisonment after they allege he held his mother hostage for not ironing his clothes. Carroll County sheriff's Sgt. Marc Griffith said the man, who lives with his parents, wanted his mother to do some ironing because it was "woman's work." When she refused, authorities say, he pulled out a gun, took his 51-year-old mother's keys and cell phones and refused to let her leave for at least six hours. She eventually escaped and went to a police station. Authorities were able to arrest the man without incident. And no word on whether she's going to press charges.

Parental plight II

You learned what in school today?

Pity the Orange County, Calif., mom who thought she was doing the right thing by keeping her fifth-grade son out of the school's sex ed class. She wanted the innocence to stay a little longer, the knowledge of certain bodily activities delayed a bit more. So when the parental consent form came home, she wrote "no" and sent it right back. No, the boy didn't attend the video screening by mistake. His friends did. Then they had a lunch break. During which he got their version of certain adult activities, which wisdom he transmitted to his startled mom.

Slippery as an eel

Long arm of law reels a man in

A 29-year-old man who fled a traffic stop in Anchorage, Alaska, by jumping into a small lake and taking off his clothes was arrested after authorities fished him out. Joshua Ellis was first stopped for speeding in a construction zone. He fled in his Subaru, but cornered by police, he jumped into a lake. At some point, Ellis took off his shirt, pants and shoes, police said. And when he was finally fished out, Ellis also gave a false name. He was arrested on charges of eluding, resisting arrest, false information and driving while intoxicated, police said.

Animal antics

Penguin escapes the pranksters

In another hostage situation that ended on a happy note, officials at Dublin Zoo are celebrating the return of Kelli the penguin, who was snatched by pranksters and later found on a city sidewalk. It was no laughing matter for the zoo in Ireland, which said the 10-year-old Humboldt penguin could have been injured during her abduction or crushed by a vehicle. A signal from a microchip helped zoo keepers find Kelli. She got the medical all-clear and was returned to her penguin partner, Mick. Dublin Zoo has been targeted by annoying pranks before. In 2008, its switchboard was overwhelmed by callers asking to speak to Rory Lyon, G. Raffe and Ana Conda.

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