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Published Jul. 12, 2010

There are 11 ways in which South Africans can shout "Goal!" Their government has a book to prove it. The South African government's department of arts and culture asked teams of linguists, sports experts, journalists and broadcasters to compile, then translate, a list of 348 key soccer terms. After years of work, they produced a 240-page book that translates key soccer terms in South Africa's 11 official languages. For instance, a goal is doel in Afrikaans, igoli in Zulu and inqaku in Xhosa.

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Media member of the day

A British tabloid journalist accused of trying to undermine security paid a fine of 750 South African rand (about $100) fine to have his case dropped. Prosecutors said Simon Wright of the Sunday Mirror harbored and interviewed Pavlos Joseph, left, who entered England's locker room after its 0-0 tie with Algeria on June 18 in Cape Town, as police were looking for Joseph.