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To the city of New Port Richey, I will not be going to the Bikefest or to Juan's Black Bean Deli anymore or to any other store in town.

You will not save your city with money you make from me at speed traps anymore. When I find out who makes the fines, I will not vote for any of them.

I hope a lot of people feel like me.

Peter Winne, Hudson

* * *

Clubhouse work done at bad time

On April 9, a county building permit was issued for repairs to our Timber Oaks clubhouse. There was no emergency (no fire, no flood, no hurricane); it was simply to make the air conditioning system more efficient. It was deemed an appropriate time to make other optional changes to clubhouse decor.

It is unfortunate that the work is being done now; perhaps this was to avoid discomfiture to our snowbird friends? The residents are denied entrance to our facility, including the exercise room. If the building is a health hazard, then why are the staff of the management company still being allowed in the building?

Here it is July; all resident functions (and we have many) have been suspended through the month and only vapid apologies have been made in our monthly newsletter by the Timber Oaks Community Services Association and the management company it hired.

To add insult to injury, the funeral services for one of the board members had to be held at the funeral home, an event that would have filled our auditorium. It did fill the limited capacity of the funeral parlor.

Who is to blame? Certainly it has to be the board. The buck cannot be passed to committees or to the management company. If the board is dissatisfied with the present management company, a different one can be hired, or we can go back to hiring our own management staff. We can only wait for the next election in the spring to remind board members (volunteers who are very nice people) who is really running our community - we the residents.

Charles Huhtanen, Port Richey

* * *

Misuse of parking for handicap galls

I share a recent letter writer's indignation over the misuse of handicap parking spots.

The most egregious incident I observed was at the Publix on the Dunedin causeway. I was pulling into a handicap spot and a young man zipped in front of me and parked across all three spots. I asked him if he was kidding. He said he was going to the ATM and would be just a few minutes, Pop. Now there was a guy who deserved a smack.

The letter writer wrote about a guy who parked in a handicapped spot, went into a gym and got on a treadmill. He must consider that here in Pasco County we have about 54,000 veterans living among us. I would give the man the benefit of the doubt.

Attacking a gentleman in this condition would be a serious mistake.

Thomas Karcher, New Port Richey

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