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But no earrings and no tattoos. Just a few things about Longo you may not have known.

It hasn't been all work for Evan Longoria.

There has been plenty of fun - and at least a few interesting tales - along the way.

Like the time at age 14 or 15 Longoria decided, on a whim, to get both ears pierced only to be so miserable with infections (much to his parents' delight) that he has sworn off earrings and, thus far anyway, tattoos.

Like the summer he spent working at an Express clothing store in the mall and another as a lifeguard at an Orange County pool. ("That," he says, "was a fun summer for me.")

Like his brief career playing water polo.

And like when he got to Long Beach State and took teammate (and future Rockies star) Troy Tulowitzki and two others up on their offer, buying a futon and moving into the living room of their three-bedroom apartment.

"I had to be the clean one," Longoria said, "because I was in the living room. So if my room was dirty, the whole house was dirty."

The best story?

"I'm going to get in trouble no matter what I say," Tulowitzki answered, "so I might as well give you a good one. He loves to take baths. He likes to light candles and take baths. I guess that's how he relaxed, and he'd get away and get ready."

At the right time, Longoria has been known to have a good time.

"In the offseason, he can do it with the best of them," former Long Beach State coach Mike Weathers said.

Longoria has gotten to enjoy such high-profile experiences as filming his action-adventure New Era cap TV commercial, posing with a model for a Men's Journal photo shoot and meeting A-list celebrities.

But he is just as excited to get time to hang out with his group of close buddies - Adam, Gio, Rudy and some others - he has had since grade school.

"I still don't have any different friends other than my baseball teammates," Longoria said. "It makes me a lot happier to hang out with them and for them to get to experience the things I get to experience. I feel as if one of them had done the same things that I'm doing, they would have brought me along to experience it also."

Basically, it's pretty good to be Evan Longoria these days.

"I try," he said, "to make it that way."