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Published Jul. 13, 2010

san francisco

So many women are murdered with impunity every year in Guatemala that a federal appeals court said Monday they should be considered for political asylum, opening the possibility of U.S. citizenship to similarly situated women in other countries. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the deportation orders of two immigration courts that such a claim applies too broadly. It ordered the immigration judges in the U.S. Department of Justice to reconsider granting asylum to Lesly Yajayra Perdomo, an illegal immigrant in her mid 30s who settled in Reno, Nev. Most important, the court ordered the Board of Immigration to determine whether all Guatemalan women can qualify - a decision that could open the door to similar claims from El Salvador, Honduras and others with history of widespread gender abuse.


Snowe, Brown backfinancial reform bill

The Senate is poised to end its deadlock and approve a historic overhaul of the nation's financial regulatory system as two more Republicans said they expect to support the legislation. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, and Scott Brown, R-Mass., said Monday they would join Susan Collins, R-Maine, and nearly all Democrats in voting for the bill. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he expects a vote this week.

kansas city

NAACP takes aimat tea party

The NAACP is expected to approve a resolution at its annual convention condemning the tea party movement for harboring "racist elements that are a threat to our democracy," a spokeswoman for the civil rights organization said. The proposed resolution states the "movement is not just about higher taxes and limited government but something that could evolve and become more dangerous," NAACP spokeswoman Leila McDowell said. Delegates will consider the resolution as early as today.

toledo, Ohio

Cousins sentencedon terrorism charges

Two cousins were sentenced to prison for providing material support to terrorists after attempting to carry out a plan to secretly travel to U.S. war zones and kill American soldiers. Both apologized in federal court. Zubair Ahmed, 31, of North Chicago was given 10 years and Khaleel Ahmed, 29, of Chicago was sentenced to eight years and four months.


Obama to unveilAIDs fighting strategy

President Barack Obama is announcing a new national strategy for combatting HIV and AIDS today, aimed at stopping new infections and increasing access to care for people living with the virus. It calls for reducing the rate of new HIV infections by 25 percent over the next five years, and for getting treatment to 85 percent of patients within three months of their diagnosis.


ALBUQUERQUE: Robert Reza, 37, angry about a child custody dispute with his girlfriend, police say, shot her after a confrontation outside the New Mexico manufacturing plant where she works, then forced his way inside and killed two employees before turning the gun on himself.

CARSON CITY: The U.S. Bureau of Land Management suspended a wild horse roundup in northeast Nevada after seven animals died of dehydration and another was shot when it broke its leg in a holding pen.

LONDON: The General Synod of the Church of England ruled that the church will go ahead with a plan to appoint female bishops by 2014.

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