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Published Jul. 27, 2010|Updated Jul. 27, 2010

Is it true that President Teddy Roosevelt once claimed to have seen a Bigfoot-type creature?

It doesn't appear that Teddy Roosevelt ever saw a Bigfoot, but he wrote about another hunter having an encounter with one in his book, The Wilderness Hunter, which was published in 1893.

Roosevelt related a story told to him by a "grizzled, weather-beaten old mountain hunter, named Bauman" that occurred near the Salmon River between Montana and Idaho. According to the story, Bauman and another man were hunting and trapping beaver when they learned they were being stalked by a creature they thought to be a bear.

Roosevelt writes the creature ransacked their camp while they were gone, and the next day, while Bauman was away, it broke his companion's neck.

"Bauman, utterly unnerved and believing that the creature with which he had to deal was something either half human or half devil, some great goblin-beast, abandoned everything but his rifle and struck off at speed down the pass . . . until beyond reach of pursuit," Roosevelt wrote.

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How to help with oil cleanup

I would like to volunteer my time and services to assist with wildlife and coast cleanup in the gulf, but have not been able to determine how to go about this and whom to contact.

The National Audubon Society is coordinating volunteers; visit www.audubon.org (click on Gulf Coast Disaster How You Can Help) to fill out a registration form. Another group accepting volunteers is the Mobile Baykeeper, an Alabama environmental watch group, at savethegulf.mobilebaykeeper.org.

State sites provide ways for people to register for volunteer opportunities. They include Florida (www.volunteerfloridadisaster.org).

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Obamas' income highest

What presidents reported the highest incomes since the introduction of income taxes?

The Obamas have reported the highest incomes, with the $5.5 million reported on their 2009 tax returns, the majority of which came from President Obama's book royalties, the Christian Science Monitor reported.

Data from the Tax History Project, a Falls Church, Va., public service initiative, shows that the Obamas reported more than four times the $1.3 million President George H.W. Bush made in 1991 and more than five times the $1.1 million President Bill Clinton earned in 1996.

The Tax History Project's data goes back to Franklin Roosevelt, whose net income of $82,392.57 in 1937 would equate to $1.2 million in 2009 dollars, according to the organization.


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