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Hype of all hype: THE DRESS

Published May 2, 2011

Finally, after months of "BUT WHAT WILLLL SHE WEAR!???" we lay eyes on The Dress. A stunner by designer Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Simple, elegant but with lovely touches of flair -- the inevitable inspiration for knockoffs far and wide.

Honestly, the thing was gorgeous, but we won't just leave it at that.

Let us dissect.

The soft satin and the way it swish-swished with the generous skirt made my eyes water. But the train... is that really all we get?? A measly eight feet? We want over-the-top! We want ridiculous! We want ROYAL, for Pete's sake. I get that Kate is a modern gal. And in no way do I expect her to see or raise Di's 25-footer, but can't we at least get double digits?

On to the bodice. Love the figure-flattering snugness and lace overlay, and the sleeves provided just enough modesty to please Her Majesty. Also obsessed with the pretty gathered satin on the back with those lovely little buttons.

BUT what is up with that neckline? A deep-V? Really? For me, it's a bit too severe.

Still, as far as necklines go, it could be worse:

The best part? That amazing veil with the tiara -- the proverbial cherry on top. Would it be wrong for me to incorporate a hint of crown into my daily wardrobe?

What did you think?

Deal Diva Kim

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Posted by Kim Wilmath at 8:45:52 am on April 29, 2011