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Florida education news: Course registration, school grades, teacher pensions and more

LOGGING IN: Paul R. Smith Middle School tries out computerized course registration to see if it will work for all Pasco middle schools. (Times photo, Edward Linsmier)

ETHICS COMPLAINT: A Tallahassee mother files an ethics complaint against Florida Rep. Erik Fresen over his role in charter school legislation.

SCORING SNAG: Three Pinellas high schools are denied better school grades amid a dispute over data deadlines.

EVALUATING EVALUATIONS: Highlands school officials raise concerns about how to implement new teacher evaluation laws, the Sebring News-Sun reports.

WHAT'S FOR LUNCH? The Florida Department of Agriculture will decide on school lunches now instead of the Department of Agriculture, the AP reports.

SCHOOL CHOICES: A variety of bills aimed at expanding Florida's education choices move quickly through the Legislature, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

BUDGET CUTS: The Florida House and Senate come closer on an education budget, including a $540 per student funding reduction, but talks continue, the News Service of Florida reports. Meanwhile, the sides agree to have teachers and other state employees pay 3 percent into their pensions, the Buzz reports.

NO CONFIDENCE: The teachers at a Palm Beach high school vote to show their displeasure with their new principal, the Palm Beach Post reports.

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Posted by Jeff Solochek at 6:44:28 am on April 30, 2011