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Thinking about Mother's Day gift ideas reminded me of this funny little bottle of AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel that I bought for my mom two Christmases ago and she's still using it, because it's a magic genie bottle of powdery awesomeness that never goes away. Every six months or so, my mother calls me and marvels at how this 2.5-ounce bottle is still dispensing bits of product, long after she thought she was on her last little sprinkle-ful.

I know what you're thinking. It's $60. And I'm the same guy that raved on and on about the outrageously priced Creme de la Mer, which probably makes me the worst Deal Diva ever, but I don't care. I'm bonkers for a skin product that works. And for one that carries you through a year-and-a-half of weddings, funerals, important business meetings, reunions and other life events that require dewy, pretty skin, is $60 that much? Really?

Okay, I've actually never purchased a full-sized bottle for myself, but I first tried a sample of it a few years ago and had the same experience as my mom. This stuff never hits bottom. I kept the spool-sized sample in my shower and used it every few days and it lasted for three months. It's basically a cream-colored powder that foams in your hand with a little water and you rub it on your face like an exfoliator, except it feels soft, not sandy. I'm not even sure how this stuff works, because it feels really gentle, but your skin is seriously smooth and rosy when you rinse it off. It smells so good -- sort of like those cotten linen-scent candles except better -- that I wish they would make a perfume or lotion with the same fragrance.

My one gripe is that if it lasts so long, why not make a half-sized bottle for a more reasonable $30? I'm going to write Mr. AmorePacific and ask. (Maybe they'll send me another sample!)

Deal Diva Emily


Posted by Emily Nipps at 9:16:12 am on May 03, 2011