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Kendra Wilkinson gets the boot from Dancing with the Stars

Published May 10, 2011

The look on Kendra Wilkinson's face said it all.

Bumped off Dancing with the Stars Tuesday after six weeks in the competition, there was a flash of annoyance -- you mean I'm kicked off before the woman who fell and lost a shoe? -- then resignation. After all, on ABC's dance competition, the sexy spitfires rarely get to the final dance.

Indeed, the former Playboy model and ex-girlfriend to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner was eliminated sixth -- the same week as far more famous sexpot Pamela Anderson last year, but four weeks later than former Playboy Playmate Shannon Moakler in 2006. Wilkinson worked hard to fit the show's narrative for her -- pinup girl who finds class and refinement by learning ballroom dance. But too often her nerves short-circuited her performances; the one thing DWTS' mostly female fans seem to dislike more than sexpots, is competitors who can't handle the stress.

So Wilkinson was bounced before ex-Cheers stars Kirstie Alley, whose mediocre performances and onstage mishaps really should have earned her the long walk home this week (one hint: judges keep using the word "entertaining," which is a euphemism for "technically dreadful"). Judged strictly on dance ability, this contest should come down to former Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward and Disney Channel star Chelsea Kane, with Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio and Alley bounced soon. Rapper Romeo is the wild card.

But when the fickle tastes of fans enter the equation, who knows where that mirrorball trophy will land?