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Shout to your Facebook friends with this iPhone app

For most daily communication between two people it has become a text-based world. Email, Twitter, SMS messaging and Facebook are the primary tools with most people using voice calls as a secondary option. But wouldn't it be nice to post a quick voice message to Facebook or Twitter to people could hear your voice for a change? Well, a new app for iOS (and coming soon for Android) devices allows you to do just that.

Shout! for Facebook is a very simple app that records and sends an audio message to your Facebook wall in just two clicks. The interface is very simple and clean with cartoon-like icons that wiggle and bound around on the screen when you move them. After linking your Facebook account to the app, just click the microphone button to record and the Facebook button to send the message to your wall. Done.

The message posts as a video file with a Shout! icon as a still image. I suspect they did it this way so you can tag people in the "video" to post to your friend's walls. It would be nice if the default image could be changed, to make the messages even more personal.

Currently you can only post to your wall but the developer plans to include posting to a friend's wall as a feature in the next release. Future plans also include posting to Twitter and sending messages via email.

The app works well and the planned new features will make it even better. I look forward to singing happy birthday and posting it on my friends' walls. I have Facebook friends who's voices I haven't heard (strange, when you think about it) so hopefully this app will encourage people to "speak" to each other again, even though it won't be a true conversation when they do.

Posted by Gadget Guy at 10:48:45 am on May 03, 2011