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State reports increase in FCAT writing performance

Published May 5, 2011

The Florida Department of Education has issued a press release stating that the state's fourth, eighth and tenth graders reached "historic highs" in their FCAT Writing performance.

"The latest release of writing results indicates 81 percent of students in grade 4, 82 percent of students in grade 8, and 75 percent of students in grade 10 scored at or above a 4 on the six-point grading scale. This compares with previous highs of 73 percent in grade 4 (2009), 80 percent in grade 8 (2009), and 72 percent in grade 10 (2010) scoring 4 or higher on the writing exam. Additionally, the results show that the average essay score increased to 4.0 in grade 4, 4.2 in grade 8, and 4.0 in grade 10."

Read the full release here.

The Hillsborough school district announced that its fourth graders had the highest performance among all school districts with 90 percent scoring 4 or better, with a state high average score of 4.4. See state, district and school results here.

Posted by Jeff Solochek at 10:10:31 am on May 04, 2011