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Cheap jewelry secrets at Forever 21

Maybe it's the plight of Dolly Parton disease, but I feel naked if I don't leave the house with at least some accessories. And I'm not talking tasteful pearl earrings and a delicate silver chain. I mean chunky, funky, weird, sparkly, colorful, crazy crap. At least one piece.

My bauble collection includes some rings and bracelets from Betsey Johnson and one bracelet from Brighton. I have a boatload of Chico's necklaces, handed down with love from Deal Diva Emily's mom. I have some big hoops and a couple cocktail rings from Dillard's stores. I have a Tiffany bracelet and a diamond necklace from the BF, which I don't wear as much as I should. Too subtle. I know, I know. I'm a disgrace.

But those nice items are in the minority. My top jewelry secret is and forever shall be Forever 21. Wait, don't go. This is useful for everyone, not just those who are A) 21, or B) the weight of a praying mantis. Jewelry is universal!

I can't tell you how often I just pop in there and pick up a necklace or two. I'm especially fond of long, chain styles with funky pendants on the end. They're so very cheap that it doesn't matter if they break after a couple months. I've never really seen many pieces over $10 there, and they're usually more like $4 or $5. It satisfies my need to buy without putting me in a shelter. Psychologists might call this "telling," but what do they know?

Check out this precious "Country Owl" number for $5.80. I first typed that as "County Owl," which is far more municipal and far less charming.

I like this "Antiquated Oval Rock Ring" for $3.80, but I'm not sure "antiquated" is the word they meant to use.

This "Beaded Bracelet Cuff" (well... yeah, that about describes it) is only $5.80. I got one like this at New York and Company for about three times the price a while ago. I should never question what I know.

And don't worry. If your skin turns green from any of it, just pass it off as the hot new trend in skin color. People will ask you where you got it, and you'll thank us one day. Confidence, friends.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photos: Forever 21, Times files