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Justin Bieber may cancel Japan concerts because of crew mutiny

It sounds like Justin Bieber's concerts in Japan later this month may not happen. Not because the kid doesn't want to sing, mind you, but because his crew is so far refusing to go. It seems they have a slight problem with potential radiation exposure.

TMZ says Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, flipped out at the sluggish crew, who are refusing to head to May 17 and May 19 shows in Osaka and Tokyo, respectively. The crew is scared of residual problems form the nuclear disaster there, and pointed out Avril Lavigne and Slash had canceled Japan concerts (although they were really just postponed until later; Slash even played Osaka on Monday).

Braun, however, was incensed, shouting at the crew in a meeting in Australia that they should "man the f--- up and do the right thing by these kids." He also said Marooon 5 isn't afraid to go to Japan, so maybe they should just deal. So far there's no resolution, ruining the hopes and dreams of thousands of Japanese Beliebers. As if having deadly produce and unsafe drinking water wasn't bad enough.

[Photo: Getty Images]