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The fruits of my deal-ing, and a hat to match

Last week I did something bold. Something I could have never done had I not been a good deal diva, pinching my pennies.

I bought a new car.

Okay, not new, but new to me. An adorable little black Mazda Miata with my name written all over it -- A CONVERTIBLE. I die.

Anyway, now I'm more broke than ever imaginable. BUT before beginning my strict beans-and-rice lifestyle, I needed a new hat. Life with the top down is fantastic, but it turns my work commute into that Willow Smith song.

The first one I tried was an old ball cap my dad gave me. It was white. And it was baggy. No, I'm not posting a photo, for obvious reasons.

Next I tried on a few of the fedoras that seem to be taking the world by storm these days, but they were a little too trendy for my taste.

Finally, I came across this lovely specimen, designed by Michael Stars and distracting so elegantly from this model's piercing zombie stare. Fierce.

But $74 is a lot of gas money.

Please don't eat my soul.

As fate would have it, the monthly farmer's market in Hyde Park was Sunday, and there happened to be a vendor there selling hats galore! There were ball caps, trucker hats, visors, fedoras, floppies and berets. And there in the middle, this sweet little straw cloche.

Twenty bucks. Now that's more like it.

Still, I needed that striking black band. I thought about making a run to the nearest fabric store for some ribbon, but then it dawned on me: a stretchy headband.

I already had one hiding in one of my bathroom drawers. Easy-peasy. Check it out.

Oh, yeah. Bring on those beans and rice.

Deal Diva Kim

(Photos: Bloomingdale's, Kim's iPhone)