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Blade Runner's Rick Deckard and Star Wars' Boba Fett topped a new list of the 10 best bounty hunters in the galaxy. (Shouldn't that be "universe" in the case of Star Wars?)'s top 10 list is full of a bunch of names that '80s geeks will probably be proud to not know. But just wait until the top 2 roll around, and then you can debate the order. The website has Deckard listed as No. 2, topped only by Boba Fett. (Presumably from Empire Strikes Back and Return on the Jedi, and not the silly prequels that followed.) Of course, I think IO9 forgot another great one: Jack Walsh from Midnight Run.

But which bounty hunter does Stuck in the '80s and its friends deem supreme?

RICK DECKARD (Blade Runner)

Actor: Harrison Ford

Mission: Track down and terminate four replicants who have returned to Earth seeking their maker.

Plus: Hardly a "cold fish," as he ex-wife describes him, Deckard is a man haunted by his profession and yet still at the top of it.

Minus: Could he be a replicant himself? That's the theory among die-hard fans of the movie.

Signature line: "I didn't know how long we had together... Who does?"

BOBA FETT (Star Wars)

Actor: Jeremy Bulloch

Mission: Hired by the Empire to track Han Solo (ironically played by Ford) and bring him back to Jabba the Hutt.

Plus: Coolest bounty hounter outfit ever. Knows his way around carbonite.

Minus: Has three lines of dialog and even the Empire considers him scum.

Signature line: "He's no good to me dead."

JACK WALSH (Midnight Run)

Actor: Robert De Niro

Mission: Hired by a bail bondsman to bring back Jonathan "The Duke" Mardukas (Charles Grodin).

Plus: Wouldn't sell out to police, FBI or mob. Ultimately lets The Duke go when he gets him back to L.A.

Minus: Smokes too much. Can't tip the proper amount.

Signature line: "Can I ask you something? These sunglasses, they're really nice: are they government-issued, or all you guys go to the same store to get them?"

So who's the bountiest hunter of them all?